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Examinations are an excellent way to encourage commitment, progression, confidence and a sense of acheivement in a child. Here at the Afonso School of Performing Arts we follow the IDTA syllabus and hope that the majority of our students will work towards an exam, as we believe they are beneficial in many ways. Althouh we understand exams aren't for everyone, and so we do not make them compulsory. Here is some information we thought you may find useful:




If your child would like to be considered for exams, we need to see regular attendance, good behaviour and focus in the lessons, alongside good progression on a week by week basis. If we feel your child has missed too many lessons, or does not seem ready for the pressure of an exam situation, we will advise against it. This decision will always be made with your child's best interest at heart, and we hope you respect our professional opinion in this matter.

Preparation for the exam

What to expect on the day

Your child will be given a time slot for their exam. This will usually be with 3 or 4 other children, or in some cases a group of up to 12, for instance when taking musical theatre exams.


You will be asked to arrive 30 mins before the exam session with hair ready, and uniform in a bag ready to change into on arrival. Compulsory uniform must be worn in the exam room and all footwear/uniform must be of an excellent condition. No make-up or jewellry can be worn. There will be marks for presentation and grooming, therefore hair must be neat and tidy.


Once your child is ready, a teacher will collect the students for their exam and they will be escorted to the exam room were they will enter alone. There will be someone playing the music, usually another teacher/assistant. The examiner will then lead the exam by asking for selected exercises from the syllabus. An exam can last anything from 10-30 mins, depending on the age and level of the students.


Your child's results can take between 2-4 weeks to arrive, at times longer. They will receive a report card which will have remarks about their exam, a mark out of 100, the level attained and it will come with a certificate.

What to do if you would like your child to take exams

You don't need to do anything. We work with all our students on the presumption that they will be entering an exam, and then as an exam session is approaching, we will be in contact with you. You will receive a letter with the allocated exam slot, and any relevant information, plus the total cost. The exam fee will be due a couple of weeks prior the the exam date.


Exams are not compulsory, but are an excellent way to reach goals, and so we presume all students intend to enter, and if they do not wish to, or we think they may need a little longer to prepare, we will make you aware of this as soon as possible.

What to wear on the day

Compulsory uniform must be worn on the day, and must be clean and unmarked. All our students already have this uniform for their class work, but here is a check list to help you out:


Preparatory ballet/tap - aqua leotard with skirt, pink socks, pink leather ballet shoes with elastics or black leather low heeled tap shoes.


Primary ballet/tap - lilac leotard with skirt, pink ballet tights, pink leather ballet shoes with elastics or black leather low heeled tap shoes.


Grade 1-3 ballet - navy blue leotard, pink ballet tights, pink leather ballet shoes with elastics.


Grade 1-3 tap - navy blue leotard, navy blue leggings worn underneath, black leather low heeled tap shoes.


Musical theatre - black t-shirt with Afonso School logo, plain black leggings (girls) or joggers (boys), black trainers or plimsoles (no school shoes).


Ballet - a very neat classical bun must be worn. Please use hairspray/gel were appropriate. No fringes!


Tap - a neat hairstyle should be worn, preferably in a stylised bun/ponytail/braid. Fringes should be clipped off the face.


Musical theatre - all hair should be off the face in either a ponytail or half up, half down. To be decided by the teacher beforehand, depending on exam content. Please ask.

We hope to have covered everything, but if you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch, and a member of our team will be ready to answer any queries.


Miss Alicia


Next exam session:

Sunday 12th November 2017